Photo: Rachel Cherry People Dancing Summer School 2017

Photo: Rachel Cherry People Dancing Summer School 2017

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As Our Creative Adventure develops Liz is being invited to speak on her work. Her research with Loughborough Campus Nursery "Transforming Practice thought Intimacy and Grace" was presented at the BECERA 2017 Conference on Creativity and Critical Thinking. 

She has presented at Childcare Expo 2018, Made In Corby Community gatheringTACTYC 2018 and The Neuroscience of Early Intervention 2019. As well as presenting a case study of her work with Turned On Its Head at the 2019 Family Arts Conference

Her passions include:

  • Applying neuroscience and attachment research in both performance and participatory dance contexts.

  • The dance of reciprocity and it’s links to creativity, curiosity and self-regulation.

  • Working with Looked After Children through dance, including working with adoptive families.

  • Transforming practitioner practice - a journey with intimacy and grace

  • The joy and wonder of early years dance practice.

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and the artists role in society.

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