Creative Adventures at Loughborough Campus Nursery

Loughborough Campus Nursery commissioned the research that led to the creation of Our Creative Adventure. Liz delivered coaching sessions in the baby, toddler and pre-school rooms and worked with a large percentage of the staff team through small group coaching and observation. Practitioners from each room then started to develop and deliver their own creative movement sessions immediately. Through Our Creative Adventure practitioners grew their improvisational dance practice which they called “mirror play”. More information on the research “Transforming Practice through Intimacy and Grace” can be found here

“The bonds are stronger….. just being with the child for two minutes - the child touched my knee and I felt connected already. When a child starts nursery what I have learnt about mirror play will be very helpful I can use it in a practical way. In January I have some new key children starting and I going to use mirror play.“  

Early Years Practitioner

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Creative Adventures in Alfreton Nursery

Liz is currently working with Alfreton Nursery and Teaching School. An outstanding setting in Derbyshire, Our Creative Adventure has been a place for nurture and connection for both children and staff.

In the autumn of 2018 Liz worked with the children in their outdoor rotunda. There are blog posts on the work: “Can you see the colours of autumn” and “Dancing outside told in pictures

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Our Creative Adventure in Kingscliffe Day Nursery

The Day Nursery are using Our Creative Adventure to research well being in their baby room. Working closely with baby room practitioners the programme will track babies well being using Ferre Laevers Scale of Well Being at key points in the day; transitions, transfer of care, settling to sleep and also during Our Creative Adventure sessions. We want to know what impact the programme has on practitioner and child connection and how this impacts a child right through their time in nursery and into school.