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Welcome to Our Creative Adventure

- researching quality interactions through dance

The research started in Sept 2017 and I am working with babies aged 0 to children aged 4. There are three strands that explore ways that dance can support practitioners in creating and leading their own dance sessions and to use dance improvisation to support high quality interactions.

If you are interesting in the finding our more about the research please contact

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Quality interactions are the cornerstone of Early Years practice


“Education is all in the interaction” Janet Moyles, Education Consultant and Author

Quality interactions are how we understand behaviour, deepen learning and develop well being.

Research is being delivered alongside sessions in settings. So practitioners can see the work with their children.

You can read about me, Liz Clark, here

The mode of feedback we use is our bodies. I think that’s really important. Isn’t that what mirroring (improvisation) does? It says ‘well done’ ... he was crawling and I was mirroring. That’s my way of saying ‘well done' " 

Early Years Practitioner

“ When you are doing the creative adventure nothing pulls you away people don’t distract you because you are engrossed... they know by distracting you it will break the magic"

Early Years Practitioner

“The bonds are stronger….. just being with the child for two minutes - the child touched my knee and I felt connected already. When a child starts nursery what I have learnt about mirror play will be very helpful.. I can use it in a practical way.“  

Early Years Practitioner


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In your setting

Practitioners take part in the sessions, see the work in action and experience how it impacts their working rooms and their children. Each session is followed by discussion.

See a session led by staff after being involved with Our Creative Adventure here


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Digital Resources

A suite of training videos and information is available which reminds and helps practitioners in delivering the programme in their setting. 

This includes signposting to music which is used each time for your settings dance work. 

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Practitioners can explore the techniques and tools of improvisation. They then trial these tools immediately with their children.

Using video techniques practitioners learn how everyday dance can be used in their practice to help with transition, the key person relationship and behaviour.

If you would like to bring Our Creative Adventure to your setting please contact liz:

This is a revolutionary project that has changed practice in nursery."

Caroline Farley, Manager, Loughborough Campus Nursery. 


It's about the possibilities that are there for and created by expression. But it’s about the inclusion, that every child is welcome and us getting every child to join in, finding that little aspect that works.”  

 Early Years Practitioner