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Back to class fear anyone?

Back to class fear anyone?

I’ve been leading early years dance classes since I was eighteen years old. I’m now 46. That makes it 28 years…. Tomorrow is my first class back after the summer break and I have that stomach churning feeling that rises up when I think about teaching…. Will I remember how to teach? Will I remember what comes next when I’m in full flow? Will people like what I bring? Every new term brings new class participants and new challenges that I don’t even know about yet. It also bring new joys though - new dances to be discovered, new relationships to nurture through the language of movement.

A few years ago I wrote a blog at the start of a term about courage and fear and that choosing to work creatively leaves us open to endless possibilities but also open to nerves.

To combat this years nerves I decided to go back to basics…. I actually went back to a piece of work I did over 15 years ago, just before my first child was born. I wrote a resource pack with fellow dancer Oksana Tymsinka called Small Steps Big Moves. I don’t think you can buy it any more… but I thought I’d share a page of it with you today.

The first part of the pack was about the building blocks that any practitioner needed to start to develop a creative practice in

dance and movement with a group.

Presented in (easy to wipe down) laminated cards the resource was shaped in a way so that a practitioner could literally pick it up and get started.

So this is my opening thoughts for the start of this term - sometimes the oldies are the goodies - the core of where you started is the heart of where you should be at the start of the term.

Do you look back through your old planning and get inspired?

What ideas do you use time and time again?

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