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5 reasons why you should make time for "A Passion for Practice" symposium

5 reasons why you should make time for "A Passion for Practice" symposium

I know how hard it is to find time for your own professional development. There are more pressures on us now than every before to deliver more quality practice, at a faster pace and with better outcomes for our children. 

Often our own professional development is the thing that goes out of the window. But without investment in our practice we can become dry, stale, lacking in gusto to get up and get to work.

But what if you could spend the day immersing yourself in the dance practice of 9 professionals working in the field of dance, art, early years all under one roof… on one day?

A day designed with the aim of refreshing you and building up your confidence to send you out into the world on fire for what dance can mean for our early years children, for what it can help them achieve in terms on their learning, self esteem and creativity?

On the 19th November 2019 the People Dancing symposium means you can come to Curve Theatre, Leicester to do just that!

It’s important to invest in yourself and you practice for some many reasons…. here are just a few….


1. New ideas

We’re always after new ideas for our work. Think how much a day of different practitioners ideas and inspirations could give us in terms of ideas for the next year of planning & delivery… Perhaps you’re wanting to use dance in a new way… or you work with a group of children that you know this would be an amazing experience for? Maybe you’ve been running a group for a while and your ideas need an injection of new life? On the 19th Nov there will be a wealth of experience & expertise on subjects such as creative movement in hospital settings, dance ideas for working 1:1 with children and working with parents/carers as equal partners in play & dance.


2. Make new connections

Build new projects….

Every conference I have been to I have made exciting links and forged relationships that have led to growing something new. I was commissoned to start a major piece of research from a short conference I went to and happened to sit next to a nursery manager who was looking to develop the creative practice of her practitioners. You cannot underestimate the importance of being with like minded people, sharing stories, ambition and ideas. There may be other practitioners there who are local to you… or some who share the same passion for working with a particular group. Going to conferences means opening yourself up to new possibilities in collaboration.


3. New inspiration

Meet those who have inspired you…

In programming the day I’ve been deliberate in asking a wide range of practitioners to come and lead workshops. Some of these practitioners have been working in the field of early years and dance for many, many years, like Jasmine Pasch, who I have admired since I felt started teaching and leading dance. Her workshops sounds amazing…

Jasmine’s workshop will help you to explore/discover how active engagement of the body influences far more than we might imagine and will include:

An understanding of why babies and children move in the ways that they do, explaining the sensory and motor foundations for learning and development.

A look at some of the significant developmental patterns of the first year of life, and how these form the foundations for later learning, brain development, health and well being (based on the work of Bette Lamont “The Brain Nanny”, Seattle, USA)

Ways to improve the environment for young children, indoors and outdoors.

Creating “irresistible invitations” using a variety of inexpensive, open ended resources to engage babies and children’s imaginations in stimulating and meaningful play.

I can’t wait to find out what people, like Jasmine, are they doing in their artistic practice now. How is their practice developing? What is the current climate in the art world like for them? Where does this fit with my own experience and ideas? Where do they see the future of this work?


4. Cost

The talks, panel discussions and practical workshops are all for £50 [People Dancing membership price]… that’s less £10 a session. When your local yoga class is between £7-£10 a class how can we afford not to come to something that is so relevant to our development? I have often found that what I get back from conferences in the way of ideas, new partnerships and an increase in confidence far outweighs the investment I put in paying for the ticket.


5. Be a pioneer

As far as I can remember there has never been a gathering of those interested in and working in creative dance and early years. This is a unique opportunity to be at the start of something new, to pioneer a new network to support our sector. It’s important to have your voice in the mix, otherwise those that are making plans to grow and develop the network won’t know or understand what you need to flourish as a dance artist or practitioner in the current educational and cultural climate. Each of us can pioneer an approach in our own communities.. whether that’s a school, a community centre, a day nursery or an arts venue. We know that moving is important for our children’s education and welfare. We know that it reaches children in a way that is profound. Pioneering inclusive and accessible forms of dance is the responsibility of us all…

So cancel that class, or find a cover teacher….

Postpone that meeting with colleagues….

Put off that admin…..

Our groups, classes, colleagues will understand that we need to take time to reflect on our practice, develop new ideas and inspiration. In fact, I think they will probably value and respect this decision to invest in ourselves. 

The People Dancing Passion for Practice is running 19th November 2019 at Curve Theatre Leicester. For more information and to book click here

Back to class fear anyone?

Back to class fear anyone?