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Connecting schemas

Connecting schemas

A connection schema is all about connecting things together.


Joining train tracks, lining up cars (or sponges!) clicking together pieces of lego, running a string from one thing to another... is all about the urge of Connection


This can mean connecting and disconnecting too, building followed by destruction, and that can mean other peoples buildings get destructed... oops! 


In movement children following a connection schema want to join hands or place a hand on your arm. They may t

ie together your chair legs (or even your legs!) They may l

ike opening and closing doors.


They might love working with masking tape



or even



collect objects to join up (which can be challenging in a group setting)

All of these behaviours may be misunderstood if we adults don't stay curious, observe and ask questions about the way our children explore and play.

How we can plan for connecting for our bodies:

  • tying string to objects to drag them around
  • weave ribbon in and out, weave self in and out of larger objects, such as chairs
Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 18.21.42.png

Hand stacking games

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 18.30.26.png

Lining up cardboard boxes.

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Round and round - spot the rotational learner!

Round and round - spot the rotational learner!

Making sense of trajectory learning

Making sense of trajectory learning