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Creative adventures in mark making

Creative adventures in mark making

We so keen to get children writing. Aren't we? 

When my eldest boy first held a pen and began to make marks how quickly I was to then encourage him to move on... c'mon... move on , do a tripod grip, learn some shapes of letters... c'mon, c'mon!  

My need for his progression wasn't on his agenda at all. He wasn't up for it, he was more interested in how the pen was made, taking it apart, rolling it on the floor, balancing it on a fire engine, filling the lid with water. 

Our children are skilled explorers, we know this to be true.

Does our convergent thinking sometime hinder their playful progression? Can we explore what a pen can do and be, even while mark making is emerging in a child's play?

The 1 min film below shows a lovely lad at work in the pop up post office at his nursery. His practitioner joins and what ensues is play and discovery that is highly motivated and engaged. They both are deeply interested and very connected in their playfulness.

The practitioner and child engage closely with one another’s ideas and experience, led initially by the child and they journey together. The child was able to be the decision-maker about the pen, it's quality and his own way of exploring it but also be totally valued and affirmed.

A powerful message in his mark making journey.

There are strong and playful connections here as the practitioner seeks to further his growing understanding of what the pen can do and what it could be by matching the shape and dynamic of his exploration.

Oh how I love the challenge of the sticking out tongue at the end... a cheeky challenge met beautifully by the adult present.




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