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What we can learn from dancing with super cute babies!

What we can learn from dancing with super cute babies!

Dancing for and with tiny babies and their mummy or daddy is a real priviledge and requires a lot of empathy. It's enchanting and joyous when you get it right - when you make a connection with a baby there's the most enormous hit of dopamine that I think is addictive. Is this where baby hunger' comes from? 

We can learn how to interact with people of all ages from the way we interact with babies.

I love watching adults instinctively talking to, and moving with, babies. My favourite is where the adults instictievly mirrors the baby. We are wired to connect from birth.

What we can forget though is, as baby grows older, (into a more demanding toddler or a pre-schooler) they still need the same kind of interaction. 

It's good to remind ourselves what we can learn from working with babies.

Here's my top five:


1. Being gentle, whilst also enabling adventure; being careful to leave space so that the child voice (through body language) can be expressed.


2. Being light and playful whilst also truthful to a range of emotions. Babies are masters of observation, they see and experience a range of emotions.


3. Creating an invitation to join in with few rules, Being there if it's time to play, or being ignored (falling asleep) if you don't want to. 


4. Being free from a ‘planning' mindset and diving into the world of 'making it up as we go along', which babies are so good at but is sometimes a stretch for adults.

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5. Using the child's fascination to build clues as to what the next interaction could be. Looking at the whole child - and 'reading' what they are saying to us through having a curious mind.


6. Offering eye contact that acknowledges and accepts.


Curiosity and connection is a beautiful way to learn, for all of us no matter what our age is.

Let's embrace it.

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